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Mortlake has a rich historic past. It is important that the development of the brewery site is sympathetic to Mortlake’s heritage, preserving key features and reflecting its historic character.

The following documents have been given to the site's architects to help them understand Mortlake's past:

Celebrating Mortlake's Rich Historic Past
Mortlake Brewery
Mortlake Tapestries
John Dee
Mortlake Manor and the Manor House
Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race
Mortlake Riverside
Mortlake Potteries
Map of Mortlake in 1893
Map of Mortlake in 1865
Goad's Insurance Map of Mortlake Brewery 1907
Map proposing the closure of Thames Street
Brewery site from the Tithe Map of 1838
Mortlake High Street before 1869
Albert Betts' drawing of The Ship and the Brewery Maltings
Features on the brewery site that should be saved