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May 2017

There was a second meeting of the Community Liaison Group on 16 May, with this presentation. See the MESS/MBCG report on the meeting and Soundings' own minutes.

April 2017

The developer held the first meeting of their select Community Liaison Group on 25 April and gave this presentation. There are some significant changes from the plans presented at the March exhibition. See also a report on the meeting and Soundings' own minutes.

April 2017

Another well attended meeting of the Mortlake Brewery Community Group at St Mary's Church, Mortlake on Thursday 20 April. This a copy of the slide presentation for those who missed the meeting or want to see the detail again. See also the minutes of the meeting.

April 2017

Attached are MBCG's comments on last month's exhibition.

April 2017

There was a huge interest in last month's exhibition and floods of comments to the developer. You can still post your views on our website - see our Views page. The MBCG meeting on 27 March (see minutes) was packed an we had to turn away people for safety reasons. The next MBCG meeting on 20 April at 7.30pm (see agenda) will be in St Mary's Church, Mortlake High Street which can accomodate far more people.

March 2017

The exhibition of the proposed plans for the Mortlake Brewery site has now finished its first week. There are two more opportunities to see it on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March. See below

The consultation team has now put copies of the exhibition boards on their website.

You can also download a feedback form.

Even if you have already filled in the feedback form, you may want to express more detailed views to Soundings , post your views to our website or join the debate on Twitter.
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March 2017

The developer will be holding an exhibition of proposed plans for the Mortlake Brewery at the Brewery Sports Club, Lower Richmond Road, SW14 7ET on

  Wednesday 8 March   4pm – 8pm
  Thursday 9 March   4pm – 8pm
  Saturday 11 March   9.30am – 2pm
  Friday 17 March   Midday – 5pm
  Saturday 18 March   10am – 3pm

This is our opportunity to see the plans for the site and, importantly, to give our views about them. The proposals for a secondary school and traffic management will be interesting. People from the Mortlake Brewery Community group will be at the exhibition and will be happy to talk with you about it, as will the developers and the architects who are keen to know what you think.
See our latest leaflet

February 2017

The Group is concerned that the Council's insistence on a 1000-pupil secondary school instead of a primary school, as originally planned, will mean the loss of the playing field. MBCG has recently met with councillors and suggested alternatives sites which would provide a secondary school with more space and better facilities.

The Group's leaflet , recently distributed locally, sets out how to Help Save the Heart of Mortlake.

We feel that it is time for the people of Mortlake to tell the Council their views.

The MBCG response is here.

These are the pages about Mortlake in the Local Plan, Local Plan Publication PDF

You can go to the Council's website which has all the documents, LBRUT Publication Consultation on the Local Plan

One of our members has made it easier by completing most of the Local Plan Representation Form from the LBRUT website, leaving you to add your own views, name and address.

Alternatively, you can send an email to saying what you think about the Council's proposal to build a secondary school on the playing fields, and any other thoughts you have about the development.

It is important that as many people as possible do this, your views matter and will be considered. The deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 15 February.

January 2017

The developer's exhibition explaining the outline plans for the brewery site has been delayed again. We understand that an exhibiltion on the brewery site will run from Wednesday 1 March to Saturday 4 March but this has yet to be confirmed.

The Group remains concerned that the Council's insistence on a 1000-pupil secondary school would mean the loss of the playing field. MBCG has recently met with councillors and suggested altenatives sites which would provide a school with more space and better facilities.

We feel that it is now time for the people of Mortlake to tell the Council their views.

See the leaflet we are distributing and advice on how to Help Save the Heart of Mortlake .

January 2017

A well attended meeting of the Group took place at the Ship on Monday 9th.

We expect the developers to reveal their outline plans at an exhibition during early February (details will be posted on this site when we know them).

With the Council wanting a large secondary school on the site, the proposed development could be much more crowded and housing much denser than envisaged in the 2011 Development Brief which the community broadly supported.

A major concern it the possible loss of the playing field – one of only three green spaces in Mortlake. Can Mortlake really take a 45% increase in households? Would the resulting increase in traffic mean the roads grinding to a halt?

The Group’s officers are due to meet the Leader of the Council soon and will be in contact with the Mayor of London’s office about the planning process. There is a clear consensus about what the community wants. MBCG supports the development of the site in principle but it needs to be taken forward in a balanced way which puts the heart back into Mortlake.

We urge all residents of Mortlake to attend the coming public exhibition and give their views on the plans.

October 2016

The Council’s desire for a large secondary school on the site raises a number of questions: can this be achieved without compromising the principal features of the planning brief (eg density and height of housing, the overall amount of open space, and the creation of a new village heart for Mortlake); should the playing field be retained as an open space; and will the Council and the developer ensure that the design of the school is compatible and sympathetic to the design of the rest of the development?

October 2016

The drop-in exhibition and public meeting projected by the developers for September and then October have been delayed until next year. No details have been added to the Soundings website since it was launched in July.

September 2016

The shape of the developer's plan has become clearer. See the papers for the September meeting of the Group on the Documents page.

August 2016

Representatives of the Group met with the developers on 10 August - see note of the meeting.

July 2016

Richmond Council's Local Plan sets out the requirements for the redevelopment of the brewery site.

July 2016

Soundings launch a website for public consultation on the "Stag Brewery Regeneration" and say there will be a drop-in exhibition in mid to late September.

July 2016

The Mortlake Brewery Community Group met with the architects to hear their initial ideas for the site.

June 2016

Soundings seek views of local residents at Mortlake Fair.

June 2016

A planning application has been submitted for Boat Race House which could set a dangerous benchmark for the brewery site.

May 2016

The site owner has appointed Soundings to undertake a consultaion with the local community on the future of the Stag Brewery.

March 2016

Squire and Partners have been appointed as architects for the development.

February 2016

Dartmouth Capital Advisers, a London-based development company, will be acting for City Developments, the Singaporean owners of the Mortlake Brewery Site.

January 2016

The Mortlake Brewery site has been bought from City Developments, a Singapore based company.